Two complete yoga classes that were created to give you some the best body benefits of yoga - strengthening and toning and lengthening and stretching. The classes include a short meditation to encourage mindfulness and emotional well being.

Each class is only 20 minutes, and a perfect way to add yoga into your daily routine.

Course Curriculum

Nicole Schoolfield Yoga Praying Hands

Hi, I’m Nicole Schoolfield

I am the owner of Be EXTRA Yoga, and a certified yoga instructor, writer, speaker, wife, and mama. 

   My yoga company, Be EXTRA Yoga, began through my own struggles and search for fulfillment. Yoga became my tool for connecting to the extraordinary within myself and finding the extraordinary in the world around me. Now, it is my mission to help others do the same!

   I teach vinyasa flow group yoga classes, meditation, and breathing techniques in weekly classes in the New Orleans area and online. I also teach private yoga sessions, small group classes, office yoga, conference presentations, and mini-retreats for organizations. In my Mindfully Eliminating program, I combine yoga and meditation with anti-inflammation month-long elimination food programs to help people dismantle unhealthy relationships with food, lose bloat, sleep better, and find more energy than ever before.

   Visit my website at to learn more and to inquire about classes. Follow me on Facebook at Be EXTRA Yoga with Nicole Schoolfield for free weekly meditations, inspiration, and stories about how I put yoga to work in my own life. 

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